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We have hundreds of databases. Each one is basically the same but store different information for different clients.  Is there a way to use SQL Doc to document one database and then have the descriptions copied to other Database descriptions for the same table and column name?


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    Hi RickP,
    Thank you for your forum post.

    Sadly the answer to your question is no.  Each database is treated a separate entity and a change in the MS_Description field in database1 is not transferable to database2 and so.

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    Thanks Eddie. Too bad. I assume I will just update the Extended Properties with SQL.
  • Yes, you can do it with SQL.
    It is possible to script out just the extended properties using SSMS, or by using PowerShell/SMO. These can then be executed for every database in your list. If every database has the documented objects it should work easily. It is, I think, also possible to get  SQL Compare to generate a script. for just syncing the Extended properties. In both cases,  you need to ensure that only the MS_Description properties get copied!
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