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Output written to a sub-folder

edited August 27, 2009 4:55AM in SQL Doc Previous Versions
When I generate HTML documentation the output is not written to the specified folder.

It is written to new sub-folder like RDS02_2009-03-18T17-39-20.




this is the slowest server on the Internet.


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    Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 Bronze 1
    Hi Rainer,

    SQL Doc places all HTML documentation in a subfolder named after the server, database, and timestamp, as you point out. If that poses a problem for many users, then we can look into changing this.

    We will also probably be moving the forums to a different webserver in the future because of the amount of traffic they attract. That should speed things up a bit.
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    Dear Brian,

    thank you for your reply.

    We have a serious(?) problem with this behaviour. The previous version did not do this.

    Background: We are refreshing the documentation every day with a scheduled job on our server and every programmer used to access the documentation via a link

    Now we would have to delete old folders - which is a piece of cake - and can't provide a static link to the main page.

    So, please consider to provide an option like "create sub-folder for documentation folders".

    Best regards,



    Erm, we might consider this as a feature and keep old folders for some time as a backup (in case we generate) scripts :)
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    Documentation of this sort needs to be regularly updated and the best way to do this would be via the command line and publish to a website.

    Have you thought of allowing it to be published to Sharepoint? By supporting HTTP in the destination folder it could be published to Sharepoint quite easily.
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    This is exactly what we are doing.

    Just a link to main.html.
    And now it doesn't work any more since the file main.html is in a different folder every day.

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    This behaviour is a regression from SQL Doc 1.x. It has been logged in our bug tracking system and I have added the comments in this forum to the issue. Apologies for this. It wil be fixed in a future release of SQL Doc although we currently have no timescales for this.
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    I must have missed this post when it was originally posted. This is also a HUGE problem for us. We too have links to the documentation and I just had a manager come to me and ask for the documentation to be updated since it hadn't been done since March. Is it possible to get the older version that would not use the sub folders? or is there a time frame for a fix for this?
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    We now have a private build for this issue. Please send a mail to support@red-gate.com to receive the link.
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    We have a second private build which doesn't include the server name either. Please send a mail to support@red-gate.com to receive this patch.
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    SQL Doc and above support this.

    At the time of writing this is a private release, so you still need to contact support@red-gate.com if you need it.
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