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Could you provide the feature deploy scripts single file per object?

chuckchuck Posts: 29 Bronze 2
    I am using sql compare to generate scripts by compare two commit in sql source control.
    The problem is, when I try to deploy the script, there is only one button to save scripts. When I have two procedures to deploy, sql compare will generate only one script file for these two procedures.
    Since we are using Flyway to sync the procedures to production, which means we need split the procedures migration script into two independent files. The feature is somewhat like "single file per object" in ssms.


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    @chuck - You haven't specified what sort of migration scripts you are creating. If you use normal versioned migrations (the scripts that start with V_), then there's no reason to split the dfferent scripts into separate files.

    If you want the procedures as repeatable migrations (the scripts that start with R_), then you're right, there's no way to do this in SQL Compare. The correct tool to use would be SQL Change Automation (which doesn't at this time use Flyway, but a very similar migrations framework under the hood), which will dby default auto-script all table changes in versioned scripts, and all "programmable objects" in their own separate scripts (akin to repeatable migrations).
    David Atkinson
    Product Manager
    Redgate Software
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    chuckchuck Posts: 29 Bronze 2
    @David Atkinson  Thanks for your quick response.
    We are using the repeatable migrations for procedures which start with R__ .
    Currently we are using Flyaway to do the migration, that's why we need the feature I mentioned. It's will be useful to generate multi scripts by "single file per object".

    I will take a glance at the SQL Change Automation tool later.

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