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Re Upgrade to 1.2

fatherjack2fatherjack2 Posts: 311
edited April 27, 2009 6:13AM in SQL Monitor Previous Versions

I have just completed the upgrade to 1.2 from and I notice that the custom filters I had set up are not available, are they wiped totally or can I locate and re-implement them?

Other than that the upgrade process was nice and easy and quick. Noted that there was no user hint that it was required but I had to enter the domain name for the service account in order for the install to run.

later ...
My shortcuts dont work anymore ... location of program files changed? On the plus side - two restarts of program later and the filters are back!!

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    Hi FatherJack,
    We have tried to reproduce what you have said, however we had no problems with custom filters and shortcuts when upgrading SQL Response to 1.2.
    Can you email me your client OS that you are using to see if we can replicate your issues here.

    Thanks for the comment about the domain name for the service account. We will definately be looking at that whole area..

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    Hi David,

    I was using Vista at the time of the application upgrade, although I am now in the process of moving to a new XP PC.


    Senior DBA
    Careers South West Ltd
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