Azure Data Studio - What access does SQL Search have to our data?

I was looking into this extension for Azure Data Studio, but stopped once the installation asked for permission for this extension to connect through the Internet. Is any information being gathered by Red Gate? I can't find any info on this extension or any extension for that matter whether or not it has access to our data. 


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    Eddie DEddie D Posts: 1,781 Rose Gold 5
    Hi Mike_Kubala,
    Thank you for forum post.

    SQL Search will send information on what features of SQL Search the user is using.  No user information is passed back and SQL Search will not collect or pass back any information regarding the data in your databases.

    The information collected is simply on what features of SQL Search you are using.  This is to aid Product Managers and Development Teams when making decisions on improvements to SQL Search. 

    Many Thanks
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