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Prompt 9 Error in SSMS 18.5

HakanErtenHakanErten Posts: 1 New member
I get the error "Encountered unknown SSMS version" at the opening of SSMS 18.5 and the prompt does not work. How can I solve this.

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    davidagriffithsdavidagriffiths Posts: 1 Bronze 1
    edited April 9, 2020 11:33AM Answer ✓
    Same behaviour for me. SSMS 18.5. SQL Prompt Tried repair. Restarted RedgateClient service. SQL prompt menu present in full in SSMS but nothing on it works.
    Update: now fixed. Of course once it was broken 'Check for updates' from within SSMS was also broken but I downloaded the latest release via this forum (see - 'The latest release of SQL Prompt is available here'). Uninstalled and reinstalled. That has resolved all issues. :-)


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