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SQL Change Automation versions eating up TFS build server storage


I have noticed (after being forwarded a low-disk-space alert) that on our TFS build server SQL Change Automation tends to take up a lot of space. It seems like it keeps old versions of the Automation software, as seen in the screenshot below:

Although each version is not that big, it quickly adds up and with three agents composed of AutomationBuild and AutomationRelease, I'm now reaching 25+GB just for this...

So, a few questions regarding this:

- what is it used for?
- can I safely remove all but the last version to get my storage space back?
- is there an option for an automated clean-up to prevent the slow build-up over time? (I don't exclude a misconfiguration issue on my side...)

Thanks and best regards,

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    Ivo_MillerIvo_Miller Posts: 31 Silver 3
    The SQLChangeAutomation tasks download the latest version of SQLChangeAutomation from the PowerShell gallery on each run of the build.
    There is no harm in deleting them all and we would usually expect them to be cleaned up before each build as part of the agent configuration.
    Cleaning up the checkout directory before each build is a build-server configuration and not related to SQL Change Automation. It is usually located in the VCS part of the build configuration. I am afraid I do not have TFS to hand to check the exact details.
    Ivo Miller
    RedGate Software Developer


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