Red gate backup log file location path

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I have to check the log file path of all my server and to check this from the path--> Tools menu--->Server Options is not feasible to check for 1000 of Instances .

Is there a way through powershell or tsql to check the log file location of all the Instances in one go .

Thanks in advance.


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    <div>DECLARE @value nvarchar(128)
    </div><div>EXEC master..sqbutility 1014, 'LOGFOLDER', @value OUTPUT
    </div><div>SELECT @value</div>
    You can use this to retrieve most of the other settings stored in the SQL Backup global settings registry node for the connected instance:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Red Gate\SQL Backup\BackupSettingsGlobal\<instance name>

    Replace LOGFOLDER in the sample script with the other setting name you want to retrieve the values for.
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    Hi ,
    Thanks for the update, this is giving me the output in SQL as Result and Logpath and I have to extract only the logpath and I cant alter this sqbutility so this is quite good but not for this output.

    Still lot of thanks for the update/.

    I did that using the power-shell and read the key-value from the Registry of all the Instances and it worked perfectly well.

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