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Is SQL Change Automation not present in SQL Toolbelt anymore?

aalvarezaalvarez Posts: 1 New member
edited April 1, 2020 8:48PM in SQL Change Automation
SQL Change Automation is not present in the list of tools to be installed as part of SQL Toolbelt installation.
The environment of the installation is the following:
  1. SSMS 18.3
  2. SQL Server 2017 Express
  3. Windows Server 2019

Am I missing something? When I installed SQL Toolbelt Essentials, SQL Change Automation was not in the list of tools to be installed as part of it. At that moment I found it interesting but I had to move on because I needed to use other tools as well.

Now that I want to use it, it seems SQL Change Automation didn't get installed. I clicked on the SQL Toolbelt Essentials installer once again to share with you what it shows me. As you can see there is no SQL Change Automation on the list.

I thought maybe I should go and look for SQL Change Automation installer, and that got me here: https://www.red-gate.com/products/sql-development/sql-change-automation/ but it tells me I should download SQL Toolbelt (see last image down below), so it takes me back to my starting point.

My question: How do I install SQL Change Automation? 

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