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Best RG option for simple DB dev

I've struggled with implementing SCA with a complex (>6000 programmable objects, >800 tables) vendor DB that our BI team adds objects to (e.g. views, sprocs, etc.).  Main issues have been:

1) # of objects slows ALL process - source gen, verify, build/validation, release deployment, drift compare, etc.  98% of these objects I don't even care about as they are vendor controlled, but our user objects (e.g. views) depend on them.

2) Cross server and cross DB dependencies in programmable objects (esp views) forced me filter objects and hack the source to remove.

What I really want is a more simplified src solution and migration automator that allows me to skip all of the build validation/drift checks/etc and just write and source control simple migrations.  I have some powershell that can do some of this already. It just feels weird to own a $5000 piece of software built for managing DB source that I just push to the side.  I want SCA/SSC to work, but it may not fit.  Any guidance?

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    James_MurtaghJames_Murtagh Posts: 23 Silver 1
    Hi @PeterDanielsCRB just to jump in here as I'm the product manager for SQL Clone. As David says this is something we're working on solving by leveraging SQL Clone, I'll reach out to you by email to discuss further.
    James Murtagh
    Product Manager - SQL Clone


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