Preventing prompt to add dependencies (where they are excluded by filter)


Just thought I'd ask the question in case I'm missing anything.  In our environment we we SQL Source Control to source control our company's enhancements (SP, views etc.) which exist within a 3rd-party ERP database.  Any out-of-the-box ERP objects we've filtered out because obviously we don't source-control those.

However when we commit we still get a prompt to include dependencies, even though they are filtered out (being those out-of-the-box objects that maybe referenced in the work being committed).

Is there any way to prevent that prompt for dependencies we've knowingly excluded?


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    Hi @Bugmeister so the tool is actually working as designed, as the intention is for users to control this through the User Interface, as SQL Source Control is an interactive tool. 

    However if you wish for this to be added, my suggestion would be to post your idea here on this forum for the Product Managers to review 

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