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Unable to setup source control for Azure Sql database

sridharv86sridharv86 Posts: 3 New member
I am getting an error "Make sure the database is online and you have permission to access it." when trying to link an azure sql database with source control? Find attached the error. Please advise.

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    Pete_RuizPete_Ruiz Posts: 123 Silver 4

    Hello @sridharv86

    Thanks for your query regarding SQL Source Control. Unfortunately, Azure SQL Databases aren't supported in SQL Source Control and there are currently no plans to add this in the future.

    It has been reported to work for some, however, this isn't consistent and again, is unsupported.

    For reference, the documentation page below outlines the minimum permissions required to use SQL Source Control.


    So sorry, I know this wasn't the answer you were hoping for. Please let me know if you have anymore questions.

    Kind regards,

    Pete Ruiz

    Redgate  | Product Support Engineer

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