Sql Source Control with partial replication: suggestions?

I'm working with an older system which has several instances of the same database.  One instance, we designate the primary, is the publisher for transactional replication to the remaining instances.  However, only a subset of the tables are replicated.

Can anyone suggest how I might introduce Sql Source Control to manage this system?

My thoughts are:
- having seperate repositories for the primary server and secondary servers.  The former includes everything, whereas the latter includes only non-replicated tables (using filter rules).  The downside is that I'd have to commit any schema changes to non-replicated tables in two different repos.
- As above, but the primary repo only contains replicated tables.  This solves the double commit problem, but then requires linking and unlinking the primary server to swap between the two repos.

Thanks in advance for any advice.


  • Hi @John_Simpson from what you've described it sounds like the first option would cause much less problems, especially with having to unlink/relink and the issuesthat can arise from it.  having said that there might be someone on the forum who would have another solution. However that's my thoughts and hope it helps!

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