Can a certificate be used to encrypt a backup?

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I couldn't find an answer in product documentation or other forums - (

Question - I need to script out both backups and restores for automation but the password is in plain text. For the restore I even tried substituting the pw with the "OBFUSCATEDPASSWORD" value but it didn't work, seems to be doing a hash behind the scenes so only the actual pw will work. Is there a way to use a certificate or symmetric key instead of a plain text password?

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    It isn't possible to encrypt a backup using other means other than supplying a textual password.  One supported variation is to supply a file containing the password.  Users would set the backup such that only the SQL Backup Agent service startup user has access to that file.  Syntax is:

    EXEC master..sqlbackup '-sql "BACKUP DATABASE ... WITH PASSWORD = [file:\\netshare\path\file.txt]"'

    SQL Backup will use the first non-empty line of the file as the password.
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