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Disable gamebar prompt in remote desktop

ggeierggeier Posts: 30 Bronze 2
While connect to a machine through remote desktop, whenever I hit CTRL to open the "quick launch menu"  (the one to do things such as unformat, insert snippets, etc.) The menu in windows 10 "Select to broadcast your game / Select to capture what you just did" flashes across the screen. This only happens in remote desktop.

Is there a way to stop this from happening with SQL Prompt?


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    It didn't happen in my test with Prompt installed.

    Could you share a picture of what do you see after hit CTRL to open the quick launch menu?
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    Tianjiao Li | Redgate Software
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    philljones22philljones22 Posts: 7 New member
    It seems like you're encountering a peculiar issue with remote desktop connections and the Windows 10 "quick launch menu" interfering with SQL Prompt. This flashing behavior may be due to the way remote desktop handles certain key combinations. One potential solution could involve adjusting the remote desktop settings to prevent the Windows 10 gaming features from triggering when you press CTRL. Alternatively, you might explore configuring SQL Prompt to use a different key combination for its quick launch menu to avoid this conflict in fc mobile latest version altogether.
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