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'Cannot find SQL Release on your Octopus Tentacle' after Octopus Deploy migrated to another server

We are in the process of retiring an old server and therefore moving Octopus Deploy to a new server.
We're a small organisation so have Octopus Deploy and SQL Server on the same box.

Our old server had DLM Automation Suite and SQL CI installed.
I hadn't been updated but worked which was the most important thing!

The Octopus database was migrated to the new server via backup\restore
Octopus Server is installed and running
Octopus Tentacle is installed and running.

I have downloaded and installed the latest version of DLM Automation.

However, in running a deployment on a test project I am seeing the following error:-

I'm assuming that there is at least one powershell script that is referring to something incorrectly or do I have the wrong software installed?


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