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Script out objects for a specific schema

JonasGJonasG Posts: 11 Bronze 1
I'm using SQL Compare(.scp) file, to compare our repository to a release database. We add/update reports in different schemas, and I want to script out a deploy-script only for a list of schemas. The .scp-file is used by SQLCompare.exe.
In the SQL Compare(.scp) file, (that I use now),
  1. I make a copy of the file
  2. Open that and do [Compare Now]
  3. Edit Filter
  4. For "All objects types in all schemas" Include if: Schema name Equals "MySchemaName"
  5. I Save the project
There is no objects selected, and the deploy file is empty!

Filter tree

Filter dialog

How do I configure the SQL Compare(.scp)-file to only deploy objects for a specific schema(s)?

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    JonasGJonasG Posts: 11 Bronze 1
    Did a retake, know it works.
    A new copy and carefully only select Custom filter rules....  And know the correct number of objects is selected. May be is was that I changed the Schema node first, and the restore failed some how?

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