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Update to SQL Monitor 10 - Installation will start a new trial?

AVP_DBAAVP_DBA Posts: 1 New member

We're currently on SQL Monitor 9.2.15 and want to update this to 10.0.3. (We're licensed until 2023)

On the update page for 10.0.3 though it states "This Installation will start a new trial"

Is this some generic blanket message or do we have an issue with our licensing here?

I'd just like to clarify this before we proceed any further.



  • Hi @AVP_DBA

    When you upgrade to a new major version your license reverts to trial mode to prompt you to activate your serial key so that the server can check that you're entitled to that version.

    So, you just need to activate your serial key and you'll move back into licensed mode.
    Kind regards

    Victoria Wiseman | Redgate Software
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