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Permissions for vCenter

Nils_MNils_M Posts: 1 New member
When i set up a user and permissions to monitor database instances, does this really require read-only access globally? Or can i set the permissions differently, so that i can just see certain metrics?

Best Answer

  • Alex BAlex B Posts: 1,119 Diamond 4
    Hi @Nils_M

    I may be misunderstanding your questions, but the VMWare host and Windows machine/SQL Instance require two separate sets of credentials.

    The VMWare host, as stated on this page requires:
    The user should have at least read-only permission across the endpoint (for vCenter, this means read-only access across the vCenter).

    This is separate form the permissions required for monitoring the entity itself (the Windows host and SQL instance) which have their permissions listed on this page.

    If I've misunderstood or not answered part of your question please do let me know!

    Kind regards,

    Product Support Engineer | Redgate Software

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