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Long running query per query

amollentzeamollentze Posts: 6
edited September 11, 2009 4:26AM in SQL Monitor Previous Versions
Would it be possible to break down the long running query into the different queries reported, and let the user include or exclude queries and modify settings per query? (Similar to the way that jobs are reported)

The reason for this is that the nature of certain queries are that they will run longer than e.g. 10 seconds and you only want to be informed when this extends beyond 30 seconds. Other queries might be optimised but will still run longer than the set 10 seconds, but you no longer want to receive notifications about them. This way you can only focus on the problem areas.

I hope I've made myself clear...



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    I, too, am having this same problem.

    It keeps detecting a "send email" query that often takes more than 10 seconds... but no other queries should. So it would be good to to have that particular query NOT generate the alert.

    Any support for that?
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    Thanks Anna-Mari and Alan for your feedback.

    This is not supported in SQL Response Version 1. But we are right now working on SQL Response Version 2 and this feature is under strong consideration for V 2.0. For your reference, the enhancement number for this request is SSR-1336.

    Priya Sinha
    Project Manager
    Red Gate Software
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