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SQL Compare (Dev Bundle) License shows 10 licenses used on build server, 7 used on Red-Gate site

We have a 10 user license and we're trying to reinstall SQL Compare/Data Compare on our build server. I'm going to
http://localhost:22221/redgate/status.html and we see an entry for SQL "Compare 13 (mybuilduser) (disconnected, no license data found) - Activate here or use fallback"

When I click "fallback", I enter my serial number that should have 3 open licenses, and I get the error message "All 10 of the entitlements for serial xxxxx have already been claimed."

How can I free up our freed up licenses? Or is there another way to apply our license?

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    Martin_KMartin_K Posts: 51 Silver 1
    Hi Ernest,

    Because SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare are both licensed on a per-user basis rather than a per-machine basis, we don't actually restrict the number of machines on which the license is used as long as all the Users have a license.

    We facilitate that with Redgate Accounts. These are accounts that users create and which can then be linked to a license, either by the license Owner or Administrator in the Redgate Portal, or by entering both the account credentials and the serial key when first activating a tool. Once the account is listed on the license as a User, all you would have to do to activate the tool on a new machine is enter your account credentials when prompted.

    To manage the licenses, adding and removing users, etc, you can use the Redgate Portal. On the Portal there are three types of accounts which can be associated with a license. Users, who can use the license, Admins can add and remove users and Owners can add and remove Admins and other Owners on top of that. This is also where you can free up licenses.

    The best way to activate the tools is from within the tool itself. Either you will be prompted for your accounts credentials upon startup, or you can go to Help > Manage license.

    Please see the below articles for some more information on all of this:

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