Error: "A development source must be set to generate migrations."

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I am setting up a new SQL Change Automation job using SQL Source Control as the development source within SSMS. After going through the "new project" windows, a project appears to be successfully created, but the initial view of the project throws error "A development source must be set to generate migrations. <link>Set development source...</link>". Pressing on that link shows the SQL Source Control project is set as development source.

Any idea how to get SCA to acknowledge the source? The source control project functions correctly, all scripts look right within it.


  • This is an issue we have recently discovered and fixed. This is fixed in the latest release (4.2.20056).
    The workaround in the existing release is to manually set the shadow database in the user file. e.g.<ShadowConnectionString>Data Source=(localdb)\ProjectsV13;Initial Catalog=MyShadowDatabase;Integrated Security=True</ShadowConnectionString>
    Ivo Miller
    RedGate Software Developer
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    Thanks for your response, @Ivo_Miller

    According to the SSMS interface I am on a version later than that: 4.2.20057.15888 did the error get reintroduced in this version? I don't see a user file being generated when using the SSMS interface, where would I find the file to try the work around?
  • Many apologies. I had though that this was released in yesterday's release, which was indeed 4.2.20057.15888.
    We have just released again, version 4.2.20058.15937, and the issue should now be fixed.
    Apologies again.
    Ivo Miller
    RedGate Software Developer
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    The Migrations provide a set of tools that allows to Create an initial database that works with your EF model and Generating migrations to keep track. Automatic migrations allows you to have your database schema updated to match the current model without the need to generate code files.You have not manually edited your database.
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