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Consider making New-DatabaseReleaseArtifact compare data for all types of -Target

New-DatabaseReleaseArtifact will only run a data comparison if -Target points to a live database.  I finally found this in the documentation for the -IgnoreStaticData parameter after a couple of wasted days of troubleshooting :/ .  This limitation is not mentioned on the -Target documentation.

Please consider enhancing the command to deal with static data regardless of the target type.  SQL Data Compare can handle source code folders, so should this command be able to deal with it.  What we were really after was a process that could create update scripts directly from two NuGet packages produced via exporting the results of New-DatabaseBuildArtifact.  As a workaround we will have to create and then delete temporary databases as part of our CI process when there is really no purpose for them.
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