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In-place upgrade of SQL Server

I want to carry out an in-place upgrade of the SQL Server instance used by SQL Clone. The current version is 2012 and I want upgrade to 2016. Does anyone know if during the upgrade the existing database clones are effected, ie can they still be used while the upgrade is taking place?


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    The database clones should behave in the same way as any other database.
    This documentation from Microsoft suggests that there might be downtime and that the instance will be overwritten so may be the clones won't be available after upgrading.

    So the best approach might be to just recreate the clones after upgrading your SQL Server instance.
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    Thank you. I don't think I worded my question very well. I was upgrading the instance of SQL Server used by SQL Clone, ie where the database SQLClone_Config is. The same server is also where the database images are kept. It did work OK. I was able to update the SQL Server instance and the developers could continue using the database clones on there own instances.
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