Can SQL Source control screen in SSMS utilise the 'Dark Theme'

For disability reasons I have utilised the 'Dark Theme' in SSMS. This gives me a black background and white text. I know this is not truly supported by Microsoft but is easily enabled by editing the ssms.pkgundef.

Is there any chance that Source Control screens could utilise the same colours. Currently I end up with a screen like below.



  • Hi Zac,

    It's not currently possible with the tool however I can see where you are coming from with it.

    Whilst Microsoft do not offer or support this theme it does make it trickier for the developers to dedicate time on the enhancement, if the goal posts don't sit still.

    Can I ask you to lend your support to our User Voice towards this, I've located where this has come up previously and the greater the support the more chance of our developers keeping it in mind.

    User Voice for this particular item can be found here
    Kind regards
    Karl Boldy | Redgate Software
    Have you visited our Help Center?
  • BobWBobW Posts: 1 New member
    edited February 14, 2020 9:18PM
    I hope that message and checkbox at the bottom is never important, then. I'm just leaving it unchecked and clicking OK since I have no idea what it says.

    Could you at least make it so the text can be selected? I'd expect to be able to do that regardless.
  • Hello.  I'd like to add my request for this as well - add a dark theme or at least make the forms readable when dark theme is selected.  I have added my vote to the User Voice item.

    One thing I noticed is that Apex tools have respected the theme selection for quite a while now and turn dark when dark theme is selected, so it must be possible.  Here is a what Apex SQL Search looks like in dark theme:

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