SQL Compare launches QAnalyzer but should be SSMS

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Hello, sql compare 7 (but also 6) try to launch query analyzer at the end of the syncronisation wizard, while the server has only management studio installed (is it s sql server 2005 server).

This used to work wiht management studio in the past, but now somehow this config has changed. Can I set this back to use management studio?

thx for any help


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    You can change the SQL Viewer Application by going to Tools/Application Options and selecting the appropriate program.

    Please give this a go and let us know if there is a problem.


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    David Atkinson
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    Sorry, I was first searching in the settings of the comparision projects, and missed the application options, where one can configure this.

    So my problem is solved, and I can remain a happy sql compare user !
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    This issue is solved in version 8; sql compare detects what programs you've got installed and automatically selects the highest version available

    Simon C
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