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SQL Change Automation not finding objects in new schema

I've got a SQL Change Automation (SCA) project that is using a SQL Source Control repo as its source. I've just added all of the objects for tsqlt tests to my localDB and the repo and am attempting to create a migration to add those to the Dev server instance, but the addition of these objects is not being detected by SCA.

These objects are found when running SQL Compare between the source control repo and the same SHADOW db defined in the SCA job.

I do not have any filters set up on the SCA job that should be blocking the tsqlt schema.

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    87maxima87maxima Posts: 7 New member
    Thanks David! I was unaware of that flag.

    So our pipeline is:

    Local Dev -> Shared Dev -> QA -> Staging -> Prod

    The purpose of the shared dev environment in question, it is the environment where multiple development teams deploy their parts of our projects (database dev, web API dev, web app dev, data warehouse dev, etc. etc.) its the first place all the teams' projects are built together as it is infeasible for all parts to be built in a local development environment.

    We are working on automating deployment of all pieces and once all are deployed want to run a set of automated tests to verify all pieces are working together as expected before we send anything over to the QA team.

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    This helped me out too - i'd like the framework to be included for some (e.g. local dev / CI) but not all (production) environments, so this setting is useful. It's not very 'clear' for a beginner this though - i'd like to see this as an option in Visual studio and ideally in SSMS too on the road map for SCA (As configuration appears to happen in a few different places and at different levels of granularity)..
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