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An error occurred: Error while copying content to a stream.

I am trying to set up my first SQL Change Automation job from within SSMS. After selecting a SQL Source Control repo to be the source of scripts, creating and selecting a shadow database, and selecting an existing database to be the baseline the project is created. Scripts exist in the Migrations area, the Verify step succeeds, the Version Control tab shows my repo and allows me to do commits, pushes, and pulls. 

Under the Generate Migrations tab when it attempts to load by default or when press "Refresh" I am given an error message:

An error occurred: Error while copying content to a stream.

This message doesn't indicate what specifically it was trying to copy to which stream or at which step of its process. Does anyone know what this error is trying to tell me, or know of any logs where I could see any more specific details about this error?

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    87maxima87maxima Posts: 7 New member
    edited January 31, 2020 4:09PM Answer ✓
    So, while I don't know what that message was about. I just deleted the project and started over and didn't
    get it the second time.

    Spoke too soon. While I did not get it after initial set up, I did get it after trying to create a full migration. I don't see how to un-accept this answer, so will open a new post.
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