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How do I stop SQL Change Automation from opening on SSMS startup?

Is there any way to configure which Redgate products open on startup, particularly the Change Automation tab? Ever since I installed the SQL toolbelt, SSMS is taking a lot longer to open and pretty sure this Change Automation tab is a big reason it's become a lot slower. 

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    Kendra_LittleKendra_Little Posts: 139 Gold 3
    Hi @Melissa7 ,

    If you upgrade the plugin past version 4.0.19288, you get more control over this behavior. Prior to this version the SCA extension would always open in SSMS.

    On this version and in later versions, the SCA extension will only open by default if you had it open when you last closed SSMS -- so if you close the tab when you are done using it, it won't automatically load when you next open SSMS. 

    Hope this helps!


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    Hi Kendra,

    I'm so happy that it has been changed! I was on an older version it seems. When I tried checking for updates I was getting an error saying it couldn't check for updates. I downloaded the toolbelt installer and updated them manually and tried closing the tab as you mentioned and it worked. Thank you so much and I appreciate the change on that! :)

    Have a good one! 
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