git exited with code: 128 because smudge filter lfs failed

I got this error
git exited with code: 128
Downloading docs/SMPP_v3.3.pdf (381 KB)
Error downloading object: docs/SMPP_v3.3.pdf (4c99840): Smudge error: Error downloading docs/SMPP_v3.3.pdf (4c99840a3ee6d06f3b429a69374abdceb90989a1fade35406811ee69cc8b5696): batch request: ssh: Could not resolve hostname c: Name or service not known: exit status 255

It was solved by running the command
git lfs install --skip-smudge
in git bash.
It would be nice if Red Gate Source Control handled this automatically (the files is not needed by Red Gate) or at least if there was an option for it when linking the database.


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  • Sergio RSergio R Posts: 606 Rose Gold 5
    Thank you for your feedback, I have discussed this with the development team and we might implement this in a future version.
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