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Upgrade to crashes SSMS 17.9 and 18.4 and Azure SQL DB

Just upgraded SQL Prompt to from 10.0.8 something, running against Azure SQL DB. I have two SQL Server authentication accounts, one has access to master and one does not. In 10.0.8, I could connect with the account that did not have access to master using SSMS 17.9 or 18.4 and SQL Prompt would pop up a little notification in the background that master could not be accessed, or something like that, but otherwise worked fine. After the upgrade to 10.0.9 it hangs after connecting to the db and then SSMS shuts down, with no error, and restarts with all of my open tabs gone. The other account with access to master works fine.

I need both accounts due to roles and security rules. I have master in the disregard database list, but it looks like it tries to connect to master regardless. I will roll back to 10.0.8, but please fix so that it does not crash SSMS if it can't connect to master, or unable to read something, or whatever.


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