Comparing an Oracle Database 18c Express Edition with an Oracle Database 11g


I need to compare a test db (which is an Oracle Database 18c Express Edition Release with a production db (which is an Oracle Database 11g Release The problem is that the Schema Compare marks as different the functions, the procedures, the triggers and the packages even if the only difference between them is that the objects from production have the NONEDITIONABLE keyword in the header objects. Is there a setting that can be made in the Schema Compare for Oracle so that the NONEDITIONABLE keyword should be skipped from compare ? Or it is a bug in the Schema Compare ?

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    Hi Andreea,

    There isn't an option to ignore this keyword.

    Though we understand that this keyword is not valid in 11G, Schema Compare is not designed to automatically remove incompatible keywords (if the incompatibility is cuased by comparing different versions of the database), as a result of this we do not consider this to be a bug.

    If you wish to you can suggest this as a future improvement on our uservoice channel:
    That channel is managed by the product management team who use it as an important source when deciding what features to add or enhance in the tool.

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  • Thank you for this response as well as for the one given to the private support ticket.
  • The problem with this idea, and your comments is as follows
    1. The schema compare finds a difference in the object
    2. The objects are scripted out for update
    3. The update does nothing as the objects are identical in Oracle
    4. The schema compare finds a difference in the object 
    5. Starts all over again
    Thus you have an endless loop.   
    Therefor it is a bug, even if you don't think so, as an endless loop is by all definition a bug.
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