Search multiple words or phrases

Is there a way to search for two different words or phrases?

For example many times I might search within stored procedures for a table name like "atablename", but I need to also narrow this down by adding an additional term like a field name "afieldname".  These are two search terms that would be in different locations of the stored procedure... not one term together.

So something like "atablename" and "afieldname"

I have tried and it doesn't appear to do this, but curious if there is another syntax or if it is even possible.




  • Hello,

    Currently the 'Search field' within SQL Search only allows for 1 word to be used at a time. You can use Wildcards and a few other functions in this field to help narrow the results - Click Here to see the documentation on available search criteria.

    You can also filter down on Stored Procedures object types specifically, using the filter options along the top ribbon bar, however I appreciate this won't drill down to exactly what you want with regards to a 'double search'.
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    Karl Boldy | Redgate Software
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  • MdagbroMdagbro Posts: 1 New member
    This would be a very useful feature!
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