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SCA in SSMS add-in mostly "(Not Responding)"

My first attempt at using SCA SSMA add-in is not going very smoothly.  (I have used SCA in VS for a couple of years).  I have the latest SSMS 18.4 and the latest SQL toolbelt (DL'd and installed today).  Admittedly, the DB I'm working with has 871 tables and  6572 sprocs, so I expect some slowness - just not 10-20 minutes of grey-screen "(Not Responding)".  Wondering if I should give up on the SSMS and return to the comfort of VS SCA?  Or are there tips for helping this along?  Note that I was in the process of attempting to apply the baseline to my local dev sandbox shell DB.



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    Sergio RSergio R Posts: 610 Rose Gold 5
    The issue initially reported SCA in SSMS add-in mostly "(Not Responding)" has now been fixed, please upgrade to version 4.2.20036 or later
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