Speed up SQL Compare on commandline

Hi there,
first, thank you for anyone who will help me.
I'm writing while using a self-made automation by Alessandro Alpi (who's my boss, actually :smile: ) listed here: https://github.com/EngageITServices/SOCAutoLinkDatabasesWorkingFolder
We've the following scenario:
AzureDevOps -->Redgate SQL Source Control 7
A database folder with ddls (.sql) and everything has been automated by a powershell script using the sqlcompare and sqldatacompare command lines with default parameters (except for some ignore flag). We're comparing data and structures for 7 databases and each of them is taking more than 30 seconds. I've profiled the calls using the PoSh Measure-Command cmdlet.
My question is: since I'm a noob with this command lines, is there a set of best practices to speed up the comparison?
The requirement is to take the database folder (with the latest SoC version of the db itself) and to "bring" to a brand new database (which we're creating on the fly just before comparing) onto SQL Server without any check. Read from folder, load the database as is.

Hope I've been clear,



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