Renamed reports = bug

MelanieAUMelanieAU Posts: 7 New member
edited January 18, 2020 5:01AM in SmartAssembly
I renamed the extension .saencryptedreport to .xreport and SA won't open the report. So if a user saves the error report and emails it as an attachment, you can't open that file. It's like SA prevents the file extension from being renamed.



  • Russell DRussell D Posts: 1,324 Diamond 5
    edited January 20, 2020 8:35AM
    What happens if you change it back to saencryptedreport? And more importantly: why are you renaming the error report extension? I can email a report as an attachment without changing the extension and it opens as expected.

    SA does not support a different extension type for error reports, so at this stage I'd say there is no bug here.
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  • MelanieAUMelanieAU Posts: 7 New member
    SA supplies the SDK to allow a user to create or edit there own error report system and also edit the code. However renaming the extension causes a bug and the report can't be loaded. So this is a bug. If it wasn't a bug then why would they allow us to edit the code and create our own error reporting system?
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    Hi @MelanieAU!

    As mentioned in the other post,

    I'm afraid the file does need to have the extension, .saencryptedreport, in order for SmartAssembly to open it.

    Apologies that it's not clear in the SDK source file that this shouldn't be changed. I'll ask our developers if they can add a comment instructing not to change the extension.

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  • MelanieAUMelanieAU Posts: 7 New member
    Why would you create an SDK and mention that we can edit the code but we can't edit the extensions. Seems rather limited and disappointing.
  • Sorry but I really don't think this is a bug. I can and will feedback an enhancement request to support different extension types, but I'd like to understand more about why you're renaming it? What purpose is that fulfilling?
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