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Extension wording when running scripts

I believe this applies to both VS and SSMS extensions, when you let it to check for new changes it puts up a message while it does its thing saying: "Checking [Server\Instance].[DbName] for changes" When you import and apply the scripts to your shadow DB it puts up the exact same message again.

This is very misleading and kind of confusing. In my environment My shadow DB is on a remote server. The 1st "check" takes less than 10 seconds, the 2nd "check" takes ~15 minutes. I am guessing its rebuilding the entire shadow DB and running all of the scripts but someone new to the tool might think its broken.

Could you change the wording to better indicate what it is doing?

As a bonus if possible show which script is running or a progress bar. You could show running x out of 90 scripts or count number of GO statements and just show a progress bar against that.


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    Ivo_MillerIvo_Miller Posts: 31 Silver 3
    Thank you very much for your feedback and apologies for the frustration caused by this behaviour.
    In both cases the operation is notionally the same. We only regenerate the shadow database if necessary. If we do, the operation will potentially take significantly longer.
    The experience would definitely be improved if we had some more granular progress indications which provided more information on what is going on under the hood. This is definitely something that we will consider adding.
    Ivo Miller
    RedGate Software Developer
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