SQL Data Generator in Azure Dev ops (VSTS) build/release pipelines


I am evaluating SQL Data Generator and need to include data generation as a step in our Azure VSTS pipeline.
I have searched the docs (and google) and am struggling to find any details of how an agent would need to be configured to achieve this. 

We are using Hosted agents but could potentially use on prem agents if necessary.
  1. Does anyone know how to setup a VSTS build agent with SQL Data generator configured?
  2. Can hosted agents be used?


  • You should be able to do this using SQL Change Automation, which will require a SQL Toolbelt license per SQL Developer contributing to the database project.

    This should work whether you use a Microsoft or a Self-Hosted agent

    Please note that the SQL Change Automation add-ons for Azure DevOps will not work for this purpose, you will need to use a Powershell step and create a script that:

    1- Downloads and Installs the SQL Change Automation Powershell module from the Powershell Gallery

    2 - Runs "\SDC\SQLDataGenerator.exe" (this will be inside the local install folder for the Powershell module)
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