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How to determine which license is on which machine

dbodelldbodell Posts: 7 New member
I have a specific number of licenses that I manage but I have a laptop that has the Developer Essentials on it that seems to be extra. I cannot figure out what the license is on the machine so I can't track down where I got it from to make sure it is renewed. I would also like to transfer ownership of that license from wherever I got it. How can I tell what license is on the specific machine that I can't find on my license list? 


  • Hi,

    SQL Prompt, like most of the Redgate Tools, is licensed on a per user basis. This means that, while every user needs a license, they can then use that license on as many machines as they would like. The following article gives some more information about this as well:

    How Redgate tools are licensed

    Unfortunately, this means that you probably won't easily be able to find the specific license key used to activate the product. However, by opening any of the tools and navigating to Help > Manage License you should be able to see under which user account the tool is running.

    Hope that helps!
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