Occasional Immediate Delete After Create Image

Hey guys,

I've got a PS script that we use in our environment to automate the process of refreshing images, which goes and grabs a fresh image from all our production databases, applies data masking rules, and attaches appropriate templates ready to use for clones. It's been a bit of a long road getting it to work without issue, and there's a couple of bugs that seem to happen intermittently that are slowing me down.

One frustration is that on the odd occasion, an image will apparently be created without issue (the web UI shows it completed successfully in the Activity, and the logs attached all seem to show that it was successful) but the image will apparently be deleted immediately. The VHD file will still exist though, but the "DeletedOn" record in the SqlClone-Config DB will be populated with a time around when the image was apparently completed (actually looks to be very slightly BEFORE the final line in the operation.log which shows success?). Setting this value to NULL brings the image back in the UI and a working clone can be created from it, so it doesn't appear to actually be deleted. Additionally, there's no record of a deletion in the Activity log, so I can't tell what's caused it.

The script does process a number of databases at the same time (we have 17 that start processing at the same time, some take a minute or so, others take over an hour due to their size and the amount of data to be masked). Are there any known potential issues with SQL Clone running multiple image creations at the same time? Or what else would possibly remove the images in this way apparently without logging (and apparently only setting the "DeletedOn" field and doing nothing else)?


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