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Sql Prompt 9 Tab History doesn't work


I just reinstalled Sql Prompt 9.5 after v10 trial version expired then now I don't see tab histories.
Would you help me?


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    DanCDanC Posts: 609 Gold 4
    edited December 27, 2019 9:12AM Answer ✓
    Hi @OmerDogus

    I suspect the SavedTabs file may have been reset, however you may be able to restore it. If you go to %localappdata% > Red Gate > SQL Prompt 10 and copy the SavedTabs file and paste it into the SQL Prompt 9 folder. 

    Kind regards

    Dan Calver | Redgate Software
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    OmerDogusOmerDogus Posts: 3 New member
    Hi Dan,

    Actually, I did the same and fixed my problem already. Anyway, thank you for your attention.

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