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Source Control for Oracle Connection Management

I would find 2 usability enhancements in Source Control for Oracle connection management useful:

1. be able to change a connection's DB password before it gets a password error.
   currently If i change a schema password, I cannot change it proactively in Source Control.  I must first run a refresh, get a connection (pwd) error, only then is it possible to change the password in SOCO

2. Define DB connections separately from project definitions.  The be able to associate a project w/ a defined DB connection. 
I may have several source control projects all resolving to the same DB schema instance (e.g. a production support branch, numerous development branches, a main development branch etc.).  When my schema password changes I need to update the password for each project that resolves to the same schema (also see comments above)

The 2nd request is similar to a product enhancement suggestion (Connection global for all Tools) from Aug 2013:  https://redgate.uservoice.com/forums/174014-oracle/suggestions/4283548-connection-global-for-all-tools


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    armstrongarmstrong Posts: 1 New member
    Either or both of these suggestions would help.  My company has a policy where our DB passwords expire every 90 days, and must be changed before that.  Then the Source Control login failures lock the account.  Some of the DB I have access to allow me to unlock a locked account from a separate login but some don't allow that and require admin support to unlock.  Alternatively, the project can be dropped and recreated with the new password but only before the account is locked.  There ought to be a better way!
    Can the number of Source Control login attempts be limited?
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