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Source Control for Oracle Connection Management

I would find 2 usability enhancements in Source Control for Oracle connection management useful:

1. be able to change a connection's DB password before it gets a password error.
   currently If i change a schema password, I cannot change it proactively in Source Control.  I must first run a refresh, get a connection (pwd) error, only then is it possible to change the password in SOCO

2. Define DB connections separately from project definitions.  The be able to associate a project w/ a defined DB connection. 
I may have several source control projects all resolving to the same DB schema instance (e.g. a production support branch, numerous development branches, a main development branch etc.).  When my schema password changes I need to update the password for each project that resolves to the same schema (also see comments above)

The 2nd request is similar to a product enhancement suggestion (Connection global for all Tools) from Aug 2013:  https://redgate.uservoice.com/forums/174014-oracle/suggestions/4283548-connection-global-for-all-tools
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