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Option to disable the comparison of similarly named objects when using CLI


When comparing an object using the the command line method, the program actually compares (and synchronizes!) objects that have similar names, as opposed to the GUI method which only compares the objects you selected with their checkbox. For example, let's say a database has the following Stored Procedures:

I only want to compare the first one: sp_BudgetAccounts. No problem with the GUI method. Tick the checkbox and the rest will be ignored. The CLI on the other hand will compare and synchronize all of them:

Object type             Name                                                     DB1 DB2 
StoredProcedure    [dbo].[sp_BudgetAccounts]                     <>    <>
StoredProcedure    [dbo].[sp_BudgetAccounts2]                   >>      
StoredProcedure    [dbo].[sp_BudgetAccounts3]                   >>      
StoredProcedure    [dbo].[sp_BudgetAccounts_somesuffix]  >>      

This means any test or temp store procedures will now be carried over to other databases. Is there any way this can be disabled? Is there a switch or an option that I am not using?


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