New Technologies for SQL Database Engineer

I have started my career as a SQL Developer. With time I have been facing problems in managing data and its volume. I am feeling that I need a good understanding to know more about the database and how to manage them.I want some tips on how I can work on these loopholes and improve my skills.


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    AnshAnsh Posts: 2 New member
    The execution of SQL in using the same index and table structures will be different on different servers., that is the way of execution in the testing server will be completely different than the other servers. Indexes in different servers will give different influences to the servers.

    If you are a computer science graduate, new in the programming world or a professional who want to develop advanced SQL skills, there are many magnificent online resources available, to begin with, like books, YouTube tutorials or online courses (free & paid), etc.

    For your better understanding I am mentioning some amazing resources which I personally like






    If you really want to be in the field of SQL Development then here are the Roles and Responsibilities of a SQL Developer-

    • Creation of complex functions, scripts, stored procedures.

    • Testing of Databases and fixing of bugs.

    • Ensuring data quality and integrity in databases.

    • Taking regular backups of databases.

    SQL is a vast technology. The future of SQL is not only dominated by to Computer Science, but you may see it revolving around Healthcare, Retail, Finance, Public Sector, Science & Technology, etc. (in short everywhere). Every organization needs a database for the storage of its data.

    Here are the top reasons why should you choose SQL as your career:-

    • The most demanding skill

    • SQL is everlasting

    • Manage bulk of data

    • Combine data from multiple resources

    • SQL is the standard

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