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Source Control: Conflicted Objects Implicitly Biased Toward Scripts Side

When using Source Control (SOCO) for capturing DDL to (scripts) repository and Schema Compare (SCO) for deploying DDL based on the contents of the captured scripts repository, there is an implicit bias that favors the scripts-side version.

Currently if there are conflicted objects, and the conflicts remain unresolved, when deploying w/ SCO (using the scripts as the source and a DB instance as the target) the scripts side "wins" and overwrites the DB version.

This is not intuitive, as the Source Control display appears to indicate that the conflicted objects would/should remain conflicted (neutral) until resolved.  A solution to the script-side bias would be to implicitly add the conflicted objects to the ignore rules (IgnoreRules.scpf).  Note:  the conflicted objects would then need to be a special case in SOCO, ignored (based on filter rules), but still show in the UI as conflicted to the extent that the conflict can be resolved in one direction or the other.

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