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Source Control: Improve Documentation for Ignore Rules Filtering

Please improve documentation for ignore rules filtering, providing examples for multiple object exclusions

The documentation is lacking especially in the area of multiple exclusions in an ignore rules.


1. Documentation indicates the \! is used for negation
2. Documentation indicates the \& is used for logical anding
3. Example for includes indicates multiple items are separated by a comma:
4. There are no examples for multiple excludes (negation). 
   I've done some trial and error w/ the following scenarios:
   a.  \!^object1$,\!^object2$,\!^object3$  --  does not work; only excludes the first object, includes any remaining objects
   b.  \!^object1$\&^object2$\&^object3$  --  does not work; apparent bad syntax excludes ALL objects in the class w/o indication that anything is wrong
       -- impact is not visible in Source Control because identical objects are not shown  (separate post / suggestion on this issue)
       -- impact is immediately apparent when using in Schema Compare
   c.  \!^object1$\&\!^object2$\&\!^object3$  --  appears to the correct syntax for multiple excludes, but no example or description exists in the documentation

Note the pattern of multiple includes comma separated vs multiple excludes \&\! w/o a comma is significantly different and warrants explanation, further documented examples.
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