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CarmineCarmine Posts: 3 New member

Is there a way to keep the image names the same every time? 

We need to run this script every night without any changes.

# 'refresh' all clones to use a newer image

Connect-SqlClone -ServerUrl 'http://it24741hj:14145'

$oldImageName = 'scazsql01_bcc'

$newImageName = 'bcc_20191219'


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  • AlexKondratovAlexKondratov Posts: 3 Bronze 2
    Accepted Answer
    Hi Carmine,

    If you are updating an image to a newer version and refreshing its clones you have to delete all clones and create them again using the new image. The new image can use the same name as the old image if you delete or rename the old image before creating the new one.


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