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Build hangs on validating SQL Source Control task

I'm trying to run a build process via Devops using an 'SQL Change Automation: Build' task but it hangs on 'Validating SQL Source Control project'.

I'm using TFS as source control and the source database has just a single table and no data.
The source database resides on SQL Server 2017 and I'm using the same server for the temporary validation database.
The build task is being run on my build server using a self-hosted agent. The agent has sysadmin access to the SQL Server. 
The temporary database is created for the validation but the validation never completes.

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    Kessel_RunKessel_Run Posts: 2 New member

    I have found the issue. If I set the source as /Database/Test and then 'Database scripts folder is a sub-folder of the VCS root' and set the sub folder also as /Database/Test the script was hanging.
    Just changing to 'Database scripts folder is in VCS root' makes the task run without fault.

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