Generate PDBs - Some methods could not be decompiled

Is it possible to do something with that?
It decompiled roughly half of 2000 methods. And of course, it did not decompile methods I need most.
Any help is appreciated.

I use VS 15.8.0
Reflector vspro



  • Alex83Alex83 Posts: 2 New member
    The library contains both C# and C++ code. Maybe this is the reason?

    I see a strange thing. This dll is used in another app. When I start the app, attach to it with a debugger and place breakpoints to some function, I get the breakpoint triggered. Now I load the dll in my app, which is simple and where I run the same function, this breakpoint is not triggered. This sounds vague and no details at all, but I can provide more info.
  • Jessica RJessica R Posts: 1,319 Rose Gold 4
    Hi @Alex83

    Thanks for your post!

    Just to confirm, is this C# and native C++?

    .Net Reflector doesn't support unmanaged code so that likely is the issue, I'm afraid. :/

    For the issue where the debugger isn't stepping into the breakpoint, I wonder if VS has loaded a different pdb file than the one that Reflector has made.

    If you start debugging and then go to Debug>Windows>Modules, where does it show that the pdb file is being loaded from?

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